Monday, 16 March 2015

Wednesday, 11 March 2015

28mm Venetian army

Here is a picture of the beginnings of my Venetian force, which is going to be this years project for my personal collection. All the figures above are from perry miniatures European armies range. A mix of plastic and metals miniatures, With the odd metal Italian head on a plastic body. I had great fun painting these and they make a refreshing change from all the black powder era goodness I have been painting lately. The flags are from Petes flags , are printed on cotton and I can highly recommend them. I have around 60 more troops all prepped up and waiting in the line. 

I'm also eagerly awaiting the release of the perry miniatures light cavalry box set, which i will definitely be picking up at Salute along with a few Stradiots.
picture taken from perry miniatures website
hopefuly my collection will resemble these fantastic pictures at some point.
 Great inspiration if you are into your medievals!

Friday, 27 February 2015

28mm Viking raiding party

   I'd have liked to name this post 28mm Viking army, as I've been working on and off on this collection for over 10 years. It peaked at around 300 figures and currently stands at roughly 70.
   So not quite an army more just a small raiding party.
 When I have finally finished my new general and army standard bearer plus a few more warriors to thicken the shieldwall, I will be proud to call it an army again. (watch out Dave!)
 So today I was playing with the lighting in my room and thought I would take a few pictures to see what effect my new lights have. The majority of the troops are from Gripping beast with a couple of Crusader miniature beserkers thrown in.

 You can probably tell I was also playing with my camera and looking for that perfect shot. Sadly never quite got it, but hey the weekend is upon us and there is still going to be time in between the RUGBY!
 England for the grand slam? it would be nice!
The Vikings sure knew how to scrum, but I'm sure they learnt that from the Anglo Saxons! ;)

Monday, 23 February 2015

Legion of the Damned

Damned finecast!!
painted these boys up, probably took as long to clean the castings and fill the little holes in the resin as they did to paint. But they eventually turned out very well I think

Sunday, 22 February 2015

28mm Republican Roman Cavalry

I painted this unit of Republican Roman cavalry for Victrix last year. They are actually metal Aventine Miniatures figures which have been especially designed to fit in with the fantastic Victrix plastic Republican Roman range. They are available as part of the army deals on the Victrix site or separately on Aventines. They are finished off nicely with LBMS transfers, which are splendid as usual. 

 And here are a couple of WIP pics.

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

DnD adventure party

Here is a cool old school adventure party, all classic 80s miniatures 

Monday, 15 September 2014

Perry Miniatures Foot Knights

I painted these up at the weekend. My first base for my late 15th century Venetian army.  
 All the figures are from the latest Perry miniatures plastic box set, with a couple of slight conversions and some extra bits taken out of the previous medieval boxes.
I have to say these were a real joy to paint and a welcome break from all the Napoleonic miniatures I have been painting lately. The men at arms go together real easy with lots of variety and options. One point I need to remember on the next batch, is to make sure I have cleaned up the mould lines properly. There are very few and the casting is excellent, but due to me being impatient and rushing I missed some obvious ones that didn't stand out until I had started the highlights on the armour.
 I have varied the metal quite a bit from dark unpolished to bright silver to add variety and show the more successful condottiero. Although i'm not sure you can tell in the photo.
 I have also tried to show a lot of movement on the base, something basing for Impetus allows you to do. The base is 120mm by 60mm. With the charge being lead by the chap without a helmet. Whilst the knight wearing the tall plumed helmet points out a worthy adversary in the enemy ranks and calls out a (somewhat muffled) challenge.
chap on the right has blued armour. 
 I have painted 14 altogether so far, as that was what I was planning would look right and give the base some weight. In the end I decided to stick with the 11 you can see in the photo, which means I now have 3 finished for the next base!
 But first I have hundreds of LotR dwarves to varnish and some GB Mongols to finish off.

I will post more on my thoughts of my new collection over the weekend. Just need to decide whether to do it in its own blog or keep altogether here...